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Al Bader Shipping Expertly Handled 3 Crawler Cranes

Despite the huge dimensions of the cargo and an aggregate weight of 120 tons our specialist staff members specifically experienced in project cargo at Al- Bader Shipping engaged in a detailed survey of the cargo at site, proposed different logistics solutions to the customer, planned for the best fit solution and executed the transportation of these three cranes within a weeks’ time, that is inclusive of all custom formalities, transportation of the cranes from the site to the port on low bed trailers and then cross stuffing to service Mafi trailers to move them on to a RORO vessel before it set sail on 18th of October.


Kuwait to Mozambique

Al-Bader Shipping Team Handles Movement of breakbulk cargo on chartered vessel from Kuwait to Mozambique

Al- Bader Shipping has recently handled the transportation of Steel Panels from Shuwaikh port in Kuwait to Beira Port, Mozambique. The total commodity of panels was close to 500 with a gross weight of 581 MT; and the flawless execution of the detailed plan by the ABSC team ensured that everything ran as planned.

The teams work began with physical inspection of the cargo, processing the customs clearance with all necessary permissions and EX-Works which included transportation, loading, cargo survey and double handling at port, loading it onto a chartered BBC general Vessel California (Voyage #0001).

Services Manager- Vipin Rajan reports “We are proud to have swiftly handled this project for our client and ensuring that the whole process was accomplished within 14 days as committed to them

Kuwait - Singapore (Container Vessel)

Al-Bader Shipping completes yet another challenging project cargo stuffed in 12 containers and shipped them in less than a week

Al- Bader Shipping recently completed the movement of six 40′ Open Top containers, three 45′ High Cube containers and three 40′ High Cube containers which were carrying the main body of one crane along with booms and other accessories. The gross weight per container was approximately 27 Tonne.

The job was to organize transportation from the Clean Fuel Project site in Mina Abdullah, Kuwait to the port in Singapore. The customer expected comprehensive service, inclusive of picking up the cargo from the site, stuffing of the containers, customs clearance, survey report for insurance, and transportation to Singapore.

Our team guarantees on time deliveries for heavy haulage, and oversized cargo movements by making sure that all important and appropriate permits and licenses are in order well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle ensuring the customers complete satisfaction

Kuwait - Singapore (RoRo Vessel)

Al-Bader Shipping finishes 2019 by moving 45 tonnes of project cargo across the sea from Kuwait to Singapore.

In addition to the last 12 containers that were shipped to Singapore, Al-Bader Shipping also moved the main body of the crane loaded onto a MAFI trailer on a RO-RO vessel, whilst the 12 containers were shipped on a regular container vessel as dully agreed with both the shipper and consignee.

The RoRo shipment of the crane was moved from a project site in Kuwait to the port in Singapore. The crane weighed 40823 KGs with measurements of 12.35 x 3.9 x 3.64m. The customs clearance was completed within 24 hours. Followed by the permission for vessel to be berthed at Shuwaikh Port as soon as it reached Kuwaiti Waters without delay taking into consideration that there was limited time from the previous port to Shuwaikh.

With speedy documentation, extensive planning and a well-defined process, the entire shipment was brought to the port and loaded onto the RoRo vessel within a record time of 3 days before it set sail to the port of Singapore.

Al-Bader Shipping join forces with a reliable partner to handle a multimodal shipment in Kuwait

Al- Bader Shipping, recently assisted with moving an ultrasonic measuring device consisting of 2-piece traction units, 20 km umbilical cable on mechanical winches captured in 20’ SOC‘s from Netherlands to Kuwait by sea, & one 20’ SOC holding the inspection umbilical cable on drum, control unit along with the pipeline inspection system and all the other necessary accessories by air.

Al-Bader Shipping’s detailed scope of work for this shipment included the coordination of various ministry approvals for the customs clearance along with transportation from port to site. Our tailor-made solution for this customer involving multimodal transportation ensured that all works were successfully completed and that the cargo was delivered to Shuaiba Industrial Area on time, according to the schedule.

Al-Bader Shipping delivers high- standard professional logistic solutions & close co-operation on a cross trade project, across three countries

This project came with a high level of urgency which required careful handling and coordination for smooth delivery of the cargo across multiple destinations. After carefully reviewing the provided information, Al-Bader Shipping offered a complete turn-key solution, hands on approach from the factory, managing complete planning, route study, transportation, permissions, import and export customs clearance, storage, re-packing and exporting.

These construction models- master plan & section plan were built for a new project to be started in Kuwait. Weighing 1280 KGs and being fragile and perishable in nature, it needed to be in a temperature-controlled environment during transport, transit and storage. This project execution was carried-out over the period of two-month till it reached final destination.

ABSC has assured and delivered maximum customer assistance and satisfaction, cost effective and tailor-made transport solutions for the exhibition models to be transported, unpacked, set up and repacked at each destination: UK-Dubai-France and finally to Kuwait.

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