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Millennium Logistics Network (MLN)

Millennium Logistics Network (MLN) is company that are purely for freight forwarders, serving since 2014 with 300+ verified members covering 115+ countries worldwide.

Global Logistics Alliance (GLA)

Global Logistics Alliance (GLA) is a network for over 7000 logistics companies from 170+ countries in the world

Combined Logistics Network (CLN)

Combined Logistics Network (CLN) is one of the most established and dynamic freight forwarding networks in the world that is 18 years in operation. It is a global network of more than 300 independent international forwarders with a global focus and local solutions. Currently, CLN has 340+ offices in 75+ countries worldwide

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Al-Bader is a key player in the Shipping and logistic industry in the Middle East including Iraq. Always provides professional and reliable as well as flexible and timely logistics solutions.

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